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redTrainingAcademy's CorporateLifeSkills and LifeSkillME Programmes are aimed at the young, talented South African Graduates, Diplomates, Learnership Interns, Bursary Holders for Tertiary Studies, School Leavers, Grade 10 - 12's or anyone entering the workplace (Public or Private Sector) for the first time, requiring orientation and corporate survival skills to be effective in today's competitive business environment. 


LifeSkillME Programme **NEW**

Teen_with_BoardA new addition to our stable is the LifeSkillME Programme and is aimed Grade 10 - 12's to give them a  Head-start in Personal Development. This programme, put together by 5 leading experts in their respective fields, covers 5 dimensions EquipME, CoachME, BodyME, BrandME and GroomME . 

To read more, visit the link to the course outline [Click here]. 

This programme provides 21st Century skills for the Millennial ME Generation!

CorporateLifeSkills Programme

The CorporateLifeSkills programme consists of 10 modules underpinned by 4 Themes viz. Environment (Business Context) ,  Attitude (Leadership),  Behaviour (Professional Etiquette) and  Altitude (Personal Growth). 

We have also incorporated a segment on Voice in programme that is presented by Marianthi Dickie & her talented team from VoiceWorks. Each delegate completes a Voice  Assessment and gets practical hints and tips on how to improve their verbal communication and diction.

Everyone_a_PublisherA blended learning approach is applied during this programme which means that the delegates will be required to do some pre-course reading and study that needs to be completed before attending the programme and also complete certain exercises at home, the results of which will be discussed in class. 

During the programme we conduct assessments of the course work and each delegate is able to plot their own progress in terms of achievement and absorption of the material. 

Using our Interactive Behavioural Coaching Model and techniques to deliver the programme, we provide the delegates with real skills and knowledge that they can use and apply back in the workplace. Role plays, Group Discussions and Practical Exercises serve to reinforce the skills taught. The learnings in each module are reinforced in the other modules.

View our Video for a brief excerpt of the course. Go to:


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In our lab we are busy developing an EntrepreneursAcademy programme to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary business orientation required to be effective in their business.

This programme consists of Business Environment, Leadership, Professional Etiquette and Business Growth. Watch this page for more details!


redTrainingAcademy was launched in 2012 by the Founder Marina Hall and her Partner Liza Sigamoney. The aim of our Academy is assist young, talented youth to transition from the education environment into the workplace and to provide them with the knowledge and skills to so do effectively.

Our combined experience in corporate business and adult education gives us the ability to create courses that provide the youths with practical advice and methods to apply the concepts taught in class back in the workplace.

We have a passion for community upliftment and giving back to previously disadvantaged communities. For more details visit the link to our Corporate Social Investment page. 

We are in the process of developing a Public School Partnership in consultation with the WCED to assist talented youths from these communities to access further education, learnerships and job opportunities. 

redTrainingAcademy has a network of alliance partners and associates, all specialists in their fields of expertise and we have incorporated some aspects of their training modules into our life skill programmes. Our key alliance partners are:

Marianthi Dickie - Founder VoiceWorks (est. 1994)
Nedine Pieters - Founder Creative Styling Solutions (est. 2010)
Timothy Hebblewhite - Founder On-Que Training and Development Consultants (est. 1995)

Tim Key - Founder The Sales Institute (est. 2002) is an associate.



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