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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world "  

President Nelson Mandela - 1994 - 1999


In this programme delegates will be provided with real corporate life skills consisting of knowledge, techniques, tools and methods to apply to be an effective employee in the modern workplace. 

There are 4 Themes in the programme, viz. Business Environment, Behaviour, Attitude and Altitude

"The Business of Business is Business"  

Alfred P. Sloane (former CEO General Motors Corporation)

The first Theme, Business Environment, covers the business environment in which the employee will operate.  Aspects such as Productivity, Profitability, Customer Service and Deadlines are all dealt with in depth in this theme.

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The second Theme, Behaviour, deals with productive interpersonal skills, how the different generations (Baby Boomers, GenX & Y) think and operate, Team Diversity, Teamwork and Team Roles. This theme reinforces the fact that by understanding team dynamics the employee will be able to be more effective in the work environment. Professional conduct at various levels in the workplace are also dealt with extensively and the BrandME segment covers the digital footprint in the social media. 

Today's generations X & Y are very comfortable using technology and social networking forms a large part of their day to day communication. The importance of having a good social media profile, communicating responsibly on the social media networks, how to review your security profile and being aware of maintaining a clean profile and not bringing your employer's name into disrepute are all covered in this theme.Add_as_Friend_-_451023nbg0vrk3r We also discuss all forms of communication (email, responsible social networking, written reports, presentation pointers, etc.), confidentiality clauses, how to conduct a business meeting and take minutes. 

"Appearances matter - And remember to smile!

President Nelson Mandela 1994 - 1999


Office Etiquette, deals extensively with aspects such as codes of conduct required in the workplace,  introductions and handshakes, poise and appearances (dress code), business trips as well as business lunches. 

The delegates get to enjoy a 4-Course meal while practicing their Dining Etiquette skills.



Fostering Good Corporate Citizens is a key outcome of Theme 3 Attitude. In this segment we discuss ethical behavior in the workplace, Corporate Governance (Ethics, professionalism, anti-competitive behaviour and more) and the importance of Leading as a Follower, reinforcing that everyone can display leadership qualities without being in charge!

Lastly, the course is consolidated in Theme 4 and it covers key aspects of Altitude, effectively personal growth. Delegates practice to put together a Personal Development Plan covering their short to medium term career aspirations. 

freedigitalphotosDifferent Job Grading and Evaluation systems are examined and course delegates are shown how to prepare for a Performance Review and how to receive feedback. 

Reward Systems and mechanisms are discussed. 

With the right attitude, the employees are shown that they will be able to realize their career aspirations and reach the right altitude! 

It has been said...

"Always do more than is required of you" 


"I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces back when he hits the bottom." - General George S. Patton WWI & II

During Role Plays, Group Discussions and Practical Exercises the delegates will apply the knowledge and techniques taught in the sessions to start cementing their skills.

After completing this programme, delegates will be able to take their place in the work environment and will have the skills and knowledge to be good Corporate Citizens.

Course Outline for CorporateLifeSkills



  • Insight into the reasons for the existence of various organisations (public, private, NGOs)
  • Understanding the value of a customer to the organisation
  • Verbal, written and non-verbal skills for the work environment
  • Respect for company assets and the utilisation thereof for business purposes
  • Highlighting the importance of acting ethically within the workplace
  • Creating an appropriate social image as an employee
  • Having a responsible digital footprint in the social media
  • Understanding the dynamics of  Leading as a follower
  • Understanding the dynamics of Team roles, Team work, the importance of EQ in the workplace and how to deal with the generation gap (Baby Boomer, Gen:X, Gen:Y)
  • A draft CV for recruitment purposes
  • Voice training and exercises for interview and business communication and presentation purposes
  • Detailed Personal Development Plan
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Awareness of reward systems in the work environment 
  • Understanding the impact of voice in communication, presentation and learning skills to project clearer diction

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