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LifeSkillME Programme
Life Skills for the Millennial ME generation!

School Holiday Programme 

Aimed at       : Grade 10-12 Learners and Students 
Age               : Minimum age 16

Teen_with_BoardSPACE IS LIMITED, 

If you are unable to answer YES to 4 or more of the following 10 questions, this programme is for YOU…!

  1. Are you ready to step into the working environment once you have completed your schooling or studies or even when seeking a temporary job during the school holidays? 
  2. What are your study and career plans? Do you have a Personal Development Plan (PDP)?
  3. Do you know how to present yourself in an interview and answer the questions competently? 
  4. What about your brand…did you know you had one? 
  5. Is your dress sense and style appropriate for the working environment? 
  6. Does public speaking daunt you? Are you confident in your communication and able to project your voice? 
  7. Do you know how to de-risk your sexual and general health and wellness
  8. Do you know how to put together a budget right from your first salary cheque?
  9. Everyone a Storyteller, Everyone a Publisher - What kind of digital footprint do you project in the social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc.? 
  10. What first impression will you make with your first employer?

The answers to these 10 questions and much more are covered in our comprehensive practical, yet fun 3-day LifeSkillME Programme. All learning takes place through practical exercises, group discussion, educational games and individual work. 

Five Industry experts (**see below ) have put together this comprehensive programme to assist young people to effectively understand how to equip themselves to reach their personal goals and visions, learn the importance of getting the first impression right, discover some essential life skills and ensure that their personal branding and digital footprint in the social media is appropriate. 

Life Skills for the Millennial ME generation!


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Course Outline (Expanded)


Module 1: EquipME (take-aways)

•  Learn how to take charge of your own personal development
•  Understand what differentiates a good CV from a bad one and common pitfalls to avoid
•  Demystifying the interview process -  Learn why certain questions are asked in job interviews, the reason why they are asked and how to answer them.
•  Get to grips with creating a personal budget and acquire financial savvy and tips on how to deal with your pay cheque right from the first one.

Module 2: GroomME (image)

•  Understand your own personal style and colour
•  Acquire Dress Sense and what works and what doesn’t in a workplace setting
•  Learn appropriate makeup looks
•  The importance of getting your First Impression right!

Module 3: CoachME (concepts)

•  EQ is an essential 21st century skill in the modern workplace. Learn what EQ is, how it compares to IQ and how to grow your EQ?
•  You don’t have to be in charge to display leadership abilities and Leading as a Follower shows you how.
•  Once you enter a tertiary institution or the workplace peer pressure will continue. Learn how to cope with it appropriately.
•  Your sexual health and wellbeing is an important component of health and wellness. Learn from an expert in the HIV field how to identify high risk situations and how to de-risk yourself.
•  Social and Career Engineering requires one to understand etiquette and protocols in a number of settings, be it in business or social – learn how.
•  Understand non-verbal communication and how body language influences your communication style

Module 4: BrandME (identity)

•  You are your own Brand…Understand how your branding can influence your career and personal growth.
•  Everyone a Storyteller, Everyone a Publisher - In the digital age you need to be aware of the Digital Footprint you have created in the social media.
•  Did you know that almost all your prospective employers or business partners will look at your social media footprint. Understand how this footprint could influence your ability to land the right jobs. We also will share the essence of a good digital CV.
•  Did you know that you can be sued for posting inflammatory or derogatory information about your employer (or anyone else for that matter)? Understand the impact that social media sharing can have on your life…be prepared for the consequences.

By the end of this 3-day LifeSkillME Programme you would have learnt how to take responsibility for your personal growth, how to conduct yourself in the business environment, all about your branding and how to make a good first impression, what it means to Lead as a Follower, all effectively taking you on a journey to transition from the school into the tertiary education environment, the workplace environment (permanent and temporary employment / part-time jobs) and more importantly, as an independent young adult.

Each delegate will receive a course manual and memory stick to store their personal development plans and CV. Light lunches and  refreshments are provided for the delegates.


R2,500 per delegate (Student rates apply - Normal Rate R3,600 discounted approx. 30% )


For more details about this exciting new programme offered to Grade 10-12 Learners and Students, please contact Tony on 021 680 0927 or complete our online booking enquiry form to register for this programme [Click here]. 

Map to Venue:

Mowbray Golf Course
Golf Park, 1 Raapenberg Road, Pinelands

This is the google map of the venue location: http://goo.gl/maps/dS9t4


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