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Target Audience


Who could benefit from this programme?

Any person about to enter the workplace for the first time or anyone already in formal employment needing to brush up on their soft skills, would benefit from this skills development programme. 

Graduates, Diplomates, Bursary Holders for Tertiary Studies, School Leavers or Learnership Interns are all ideal candidates for the Corporate Life Skills programme.

Programme customisation?

As this programme is modular, it can be delivered as separate courses to cater for specific needs and it can be customised for organisations to incorporate their own HR policies and procedures to personalize the programme for their target employees._Woman_with_Headset_-_3253381k5u6mygn

For example, Theme 1 - Environment focuses on Commercial Orientation, Productivity, Customer Service and Deadlines.

This theme is suitable for all new employees requiring information and commercial orientation on business drivers and appropriate behaviours  in the business environment to achieve business goals.

Theme 2 - Behaviour is suitable for diverse groups or teams needing to foster greater productive interpersonal relationships, e.g. working on closer co-operation,  improving team relationships and better teamwork.  

Dimension 3 - Attitude is suitable for fostering Ethical conduct and Following as a Leader within teams and companies. This is an important aspect of driving the right behavior in the workplace . 

Dimension 4 - Altitude can be used to assist with the implementation of Performance Management  mechanisms and programs in an organisation.

CLICK HERE to view the Course Outline for Corporate Life Skills


Soon redTrainingAcademy will be releasing a new programme called Entrepreneurs Academy and it will focus on some of the key elements fledgling entrepreneurs will need to have in place to make their ventures a success. 




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